Wellness and Home in Today’s Market

Posted on: October 5, 2020

Wellness and Home in Today’s Market

Wellness and Green Building in Real Estate

GREEN buildings are a hallmark of economically sound BUSINESS decisions, thoughtful ENVIRONMENTAL decisions, and smart HUMAN IMPACT decisions.

Do you know?

Last year, the global wellness real estate market was a $134 billion industry, and that’s expected to grow to $180 billion by 2022, the Global Wellness Institute estimates.

The trend isn’t limited to residential real estate.

“Wellness real estate is any kind of apartments, homes, communities designed with the intent to have a positive impact on human health,” said Shayna Davidov Hanson,

 As one of Miami’s trusted real estate expert. “It’s not just about adding a spa or a gym, which every middle- to high-end new development will have,” she said. “It’s more holistic than that.”

Some properties come with features like infrared saunas and air purification,

Today, The Building Standards has improved human comfort, enhance health and “drive better choices,

 “You are seeing more perks on the higher end, and you will continue to see them as technology continues to change and becomes more competitive,” she said.

I have travelled the world providing a global perspective on the dynamic and burgeoning markets, as well as sharing my exclusive access to the very best new developments and real estate investments in Greater Miami and South Florida.

“Wellness and green buildings have become a way of life, especially in Miami.,” Shayna said. “Most people here are starting to embrace it as part of their culture.”

The more wellness features pop up in offices and other properties, the more it becomes the new standard, she added. “Landlords have to do it to compete — it’s a snowball effect.”

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